Investigate bite cases, livestock damages, nuisance calls, animal cruelty, and abuse reports Issue warning notices and citations, which are filed in appropriate courts
Impound stray, diseased, and uncontrollable animals Collect fees, issue receipts and make deposits
Return animals upon redemption to owners Operate agency animal shelters
Enforce animal control ordinances by answering complaints and patrolling designated areas Maintain daily activity records on all actions taken, and submit reports on a daily and weekly basis
Examine animal licenses and vaccination records for validity Develop relationship with Navajo Nation courts and prosecutors
Euthanize unwanted, wild, unclaimed, rabid, sick or injured animals Educate the public in regards to animal control ordinances and responsible animal care
Issue animal licenses and provide vaccinations to animals, parasite control products and microchip identification Conduct surveys as required on animal health, safety and control
Maintain cooperative working relationships with Navajo Police Department, Social Services, Division of Health, Veterinary Clinics and outside Law Enforcement agencies    

CJY-64-18 Newly Amended Navajo Nation Animal Control Ordinance (PDFs) Ordinance Booklet & Educational Presentation


Request for Assistance
Call DNR Central Dispatch for Services
(928) 871-6491/7041

Report Dog Bite / Vicious Dog
Report Livestock Damage by dogs
Animal (Dog & Cats) Surrender
Reporting Loose and Stray Dogs / Cats
Reporting Injured/Sick Animals (Dogs/Cats)

Shiprock - Stacy Daw
Ft Defiance - Joe Begay Jr
Crownpoint - Ginger Yoe
Many Farms - Dominic Francis
Kayenta - Tamara Begay
Tuba City - Joe Begay Jr
Please include in email
Phone Number:
Place of Residence:
Nature of Complaint / Request:

Animal Impoundment, any animal not kept in conformity with the Animal Control Laws may be impounded, or a citation may be issued to the owner to appear in court; or both. jump

Lost Pet Form (pdf)


Navajo Nation Animal Control Presentation (pdf) This is a larger document and may take some time to download. Content contains some graphic images that may not be suitable for younger patrons.

Helpful Information
  2020 CLVC / Shelter Information   Table of Penalties
  Voluntary Animal Surrender Sites   Rabies Vaccination
  Canine Distemper Vaccination   Feline Distemper Vaccination
  Shelter Animal Service Delivery / Cost of Animal Wellness Services   Parasites Cats / Dogs