History of the Navajo Nation Fish Hatchery


The Navajo Nation Fish Hatchery, located in the town of Toadlena, New Mexico, began it’s operation during March of 1983. Plans for the hatchery started with planning meetings involving consultants from Pyramid Lake Indian Tribal Enterprises (PLITE) and visits to seven water sources that were considered. After complete water analysis at each location, Toadlena, NM was selected. Various additions were made to the hatchery through the years, such as lining the lower pond, installing modutanks to serve as raceways and outside raceways. The Navajo Nation Fish Hatchery was developed to ensure a continued supply of stockable trout for Navajo Nation waters as long as an egg supply is available from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service .



Hatchery compound with hatchery building and living quarters


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