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Lake Conditions
Antelope No fish
Asaayi Fishing excellent (4/18/17)
Aspen No fish
Berland Stocked 5,600 8" rainbow trout on 4/26/17
Chuska No fish
Cow Springs Fishing good for bass and catfish (5/3/16). Stocked 5000 channel catfish (5/3/16).
Cutter Stocked 6,400 6 inch rainbow trout on 3/17. Fishing good.
Ganado (4/26/17) Fishing excellent for bass and good for catfish.
Hidden Pond No fish
Long Lake No fish
Many Farms Stocked 5000 8"-10" channel catfish (5/3/16). Stocked 3,500 9" channel catfish (7/12/16).
Morgan Fishing excellent for Largemouth bass. Fishing fair for channel catfish.
Red Lake Currently undergoing repair of the dam.
Round Rock Not stocked in 2016.
Sawmill Pond No fish
Todacheene Will not be stocked in 2016
Trout Lake No fish
Tsaile Stocked 2,300 6 inch rainbow trout on 3/9/17; 18,000 8" rainbow trout stocked on 3/20/17
Wheatfields Fishing good (4/18/17). 12,500 6"-8" 3/17
Whiskey Not stocked in 2016.
White Mesa Lake Fishing slow. Not stocked in 2016.