Navajo Nation Fish & Small Game Permit
Fishing Only
Season Navajo Fishing --- $22.50
Season Non-Navajo Fishing --- $40.00
Small Game Only
Season Navajo Small Game --- $16.00
Season Non-Navajo Small Game --- $30.00
Combination - Fishing & Small Game
Season Navajo Fishing and Small Game --- $32.00
Season Non-Navajo Fishing and Small Game --- $55.00
Daily Fishing Permit
Navajo One Day Fishing --- $8.75
Non-Navajo One Day Fishing --- $15.00
Three Day Fishing Permit
Navajo Three Day Fishing --- $18.75
Non-Navajo Three Day Fishing --- $25.00
Extra Validations
Second Rod Validation --- $5.00
Game Bird Validation* --- $5.00
*Game Bird & Waterfowl hunters MUST have proper validation on their small game permits
Water Craft Permits
Water Craft Permits --- $15.00
Special Permits
Life-time Navajo Fishing Permit** --- $25.00 (one-time fee)
**Available ONLY at Fish and Wildlife Office in Window Rock, AZ. This permit for Navajo Senior Citizensage 60
and older only. Must provide a Navajo Census Number and Proof of Age.
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