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This area has a low, fragmented concentration of species of concern.  Species in this area may be locally abundant on ‘islands’ of habitat, but islands are relatively small, limited in number and well spaced across the landscape.  However, the Department recognizes that lands within Area 3 may be not be completely surveyed for the potential occurrence of sensitive species or habitat.

           If the NNHP provides a Data Response for a project in Area 3 that states that there are no known or potential species of concern for a specific project, then a BE does not need to be drafted.  The project is in compliance with the Endangered Species Act and the NESL.  The project sponsor can receive a Biological Resource Compliance Form by requesting concurrence from the Director, Department of Fish and Wildlife that the project will not affect species of concern.
All developments requires preparation of a BE.  Generally, the need to avoid sensitive habitats should be less frequent in this area; therefore, development in these areas is more likely to proceed as planned with proper and timely planning.

This webpage is intended only as a brief description of the RCP area please refer to the complete Biological Resource Land Use Clearance Policies and Procedures (pdf) here