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These areas are used for recreation that involves wildlife, or have potential for development for this purpose.  Recreation can involve consumptive and/or non-consumptive uses of wildlife resources, and is often a part of a broader outdoor experience.  Examples include fishing lakes, camping and picnic areas and hiking trails.  Several areas have been identified as Recreation Areas.  Future areas will be identified on a case-by-case basis.  A variety of management techniques are available, and the Department is interested in working with the chapter and land-user to develop and/or manage these areas.  The Department is also interested in receiving proposals from chapters and land-users for these types of areas. Ultimately, the Department maintains the authority for designating and managing recreational areas that involve wildlife.  However, the Department may delegate certain management responsibilities to the local level, under Department oversight.  The Department encourages chapters to plan development in this area compatible with the purpose, for example nature trails, interpretive displays and picnic areas.

No new development is allowed within Recreation Areas, unless it is compatible with management goals for the area.

This webpage is intended only as a brief description of the RCP area please refer to the complete Biological Resource Land Use Clearance Policies and Procedures (pdf) here