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The Department has determined that areas around certain communities do not support the habitat for species of concern and therefore development can proceed without further biological evaluation.  Whenever possible the NNDFW recommends that project sponsors attempt to locate their projects within Community Development Areas. 

For project approval of all developments that are completely contained within Area 4, submit documentation to Department Director, including (but note exceptions below):

    A. Location plotted on a 7.5' USGS topographic quadrangle map or reasonable facsimile;

    B. Brief description of project, including acreage.


        This applies to all development except that which may have significant impacts outside the community.  An example of this is large-scale industrial development that may impact air or water quality. 

        For certain communities, there are exceptions where one species have the potential to occur.  For these exceptions, the biological evaluation need only address that species, and be submitted to the Department for approval.  These communities are:

Pinon (Mountain Plover)

Tuba City (Puccinellia parishii)

This webpage is intended only as a brief description of the RCP area please refer to the complete Biological Resource Land Use Clearance Policies and Procedures (pdf) here