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These areas contain excellent, or potentially excellent, wildlife habitat and are recommended by the Department for protection from most human-related activities, and in some cases are recommended for enhancement.  Only a few of these areas have been identified or designated, to date.  Future areas will be identified on a case-by-case basis.  A variety of protection and enhancement techniques are available, and the Department is interested in working with the chapter and land-user to protect/enhance these habitats by providing technical assistance, and possibly materials and labor.  The Department is interested in receiving proposals from chapters and land-users for these types of areas.  Ultimately, the Department maintains the authority for designating and managing biological preserves.  However, the Department may delegate certain management responsibilities to the local level, under Department oversight. 

No new activity or development is allowed within these Preserves, unless it is compatible with management goals for the area.  This does not include approved pre-existing activities.

This webpage is intended only as a brief description of the RCP area please refer to the complete Biological Resource Land Use Clearance Policies and Procedures (pdf) here